Let’s Talk Meal Prep…

Have you ever wanted to try to meal prep, but been unsure about where to begin?

Would you like to save money on meals out and on wasted, unused food?

Does the idea of saving countless hours of laborious, inefficient cooking time sound appealing to you?

If you answered yes to any or all of these questions, read on and scroll down to download the first part of my Meal Prep Guide.

But let’s hit the pause button for a second. Meal prep is a major buzzword these days, and maybe it even makes you cringe a little bit.  I understand. Instagram is filled to bursting with images of perfectly matched Tupperware with identical slabs of grilled chicken sitting next to steamed vegetables (YUCK).  You will find none of that here (not even the matching Tupperware). Whether or not you already follow my weekly Meal Prep Monday over on Instagram, let me catch you up on my meal prep credo.

Meal prep should be:

  • FLEXIBLE - it should work for you and fit the rhythm of your busy, ever-changing life. Life flows and shifts.  We don’t always have the same amount of free time or energy from day to day, or week to week -- and that is OK.

  • REALISTIC - not only do your tupperware not have to match, but your food does not have to be fancy, your plating does not have to be on point and you do not have to become an overnight Chopped sensation in order for food prep to work for you.

  • ACCESSIBLE - meal prep should and can be something that is accessible to everybody. Always remember that the main function of meal prep is simply to have homemade, whole foods on hand.  It is not about making expensive or complicated food — it just matters that it is prepared and it tastes good to you. As I always say, simple ingredients make beautiful food.

  • DELICIOUS - you should only ever make food you actually feel excited to eat. No “should eat” foods around here. The only thing that IS hard and fast about my meal prep is that you enjoy the food you make!

Meal prep can be a useful tool in your life for saving time and money, and allowing you regular access to wholesome, delicious food!

This guide is intended to be as much for the person who is afraid to cook an egg as the person who already loves to cook. It will give you all the tools you need to:

  • Put together weekly meal prep menus (with 2 menus and shopping lists included)

  • Shop with intention

  • Stock your pantry with convenient essentials

  • Purchase produce effectively to avoid food waste

  • Get a handle on herbs and spices

  • Figure out what handy tools your kitchen may be missing

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